Vision & Mission


To have an informed, organized and mobilized working class acting in its own interests.

To create a just society for all the women workers where they are treated with dignity and justice, their rights are upheld, they are recognized for the contribution that they make towards the economy and development, they have recourse to justice and their voices are heard and recognized in every decision that affects their lives.

BNSK also envisions a society where all forms of discrimination are abolished and all working women enjoy the rights of Human, women and workers in the country and overseas.

To achieve women workers’ rights and welfare, self reliance by women workers power


Mission Statement

Work against discrimination and for equality and rights of women workers.

As a Movement and Organization of Women Workers we commit ourselves to work for:

  • Dignity of all Women workers
  • Justice for all Women workers and workers rights
  • Empowerment of women workers. Participation of Women workers in their struggle for justice.
  • Recognizing Child Domestic Work as Child Labor to be abolished and give the children the right for mainstream education.
  • Crisis intervention with rehabilitation, legal and medical aid for inclusion and reintegration.
  • Networking on local, national and international level.
  • Prevent trafficking of women and children for forced labour.