Aim & Objectives

Our objectives:

  • Empowerment of Women workers – BNSK seeks to empower women workers by encouraging participation of women workers and leadership in the hands of women workers.


  • Dignity of Women workers – BNSK emphasizes that all domestic work has dignity as it is an indirect participation towards the growth of economy and contributes to the quality of life. BNSK stands for personal dignity of each domestic worker.


  • Justice for Women workers –  BNSK works towards justice for all women workers, for their recognition as ‘workers’, for legislation for women workers and for public awareness of their dignity and their rights.
    We aim to support the domestic worker’s fight for just wages and human working conditions. We work towards a society where each and every domestic worker has dignity and enjoys life as part of the community. We form ‘groups of strengths’ who sustain the struggle for recognition and make a lasting impact on society in India and elsewhere.
    BNSK works through a three pronged response


  • With the women workers themselves, informing them about their rights and self empowerment


  • With the general public, seeking to increase awareness about the concerns of women workers


  • With the government and other official decision making bodies